Dem kühlen Morgen entgegen

documentary | 90 min | D 2008


A movie by Oliver Becker and Katharina Bruner, in which Armin Müller-Stahl follows the traces of Dimitri Schostakowitsch and researches the life-story of this ingenious composer. The journey does not only lead Armin Mueller-Stahl into the fascinating depths of an artists’ personality, but also to the fellow Russian composers of the century, such as Maxim Schostakowitsch and Mstisla Rostropowitsch.

project details

script: Dietrich Mack, Oliver Becker

directing: Oliver Becker, Katharina Bruner

producion: avindependents

co-production: LOFT MUSIC, 3sat, EURO ARTS



directing: Oliver Becker, Katharina Bruner

script: Dietrich Mack, Oliver Becker

dramaturgy: Dietrich Mack

cinematography: Jörg Jeshel

stage design: Katharina Bruner

editing: Bernd Euscher

sounddesign: Noemi Hampel

sound mixing: Matthias Schwab

grading: Vera Jeske

music consultant: Marco Frei

directing assistant: Sarah Polligkeit

production manager: Sarah Polligkeit

coordination: Michael Sandforth



cast: Armin Mueller-Stahl, Ina Rudolph, Katharina Bruner, Björn Paulissen

puppeteer: Georg Jenisch, Monika Strobl, Claudia de Boer, Vera Buhss

interviewees: Mstislaw Rostropowitsch, Tichon Chrennikow, Kurt Sanderling, Gennadi Roschdestwenski, Maxim Schostakowitsch, Galina Schostakowitsch, Irina Schostakowitsch