Island 36

documentary | 65 min | D 2014



Berlin. Hip and multiculti. Lots of coming and going in bars and cafes. And in the middle of the hustle and bustle at Oranienplatz a tent camp, also called: the protest camp. Asylum seekers lived here for one and a half years on a voluntary basis, in order to send a clear signal against the isolation of refugees in Germany. There is only one woman amongst them. Napuli from Sudan. Her objective: to change the restrictive laws on asylum. Despite the fact that neither the locals nor the government show any reaction to their demonstrations, Napoli does not give up flying the flag and motivating her fellow campaigners. “Island 36” is a documentary about the fight for freedom from the perspective of asylum seekers in Germany and it describes the risks they face in their everyday life.

script writer

Asli Özarslan (*19.07.1986 in Berlin) studied theatre and media studies at University Bayreuth as well as philosophy and sociology at Université Sorbonne IV in Paris.  This was followed by editorial activities at 3Sat Kulturzeit, ZDF and ARD Auslandsstudio Warschau. She also worked as an assistant producer at the production of Bettina Blümners “Halbmondwahrheiten”. Since 2012 she is studying documentary film at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

project details

script and directing: Aslı Özarslan

cinematography: Fabian Gamper, Tilman Holzhauer

editing: Ana Branea

sound: Ana Monte

music: Patrick Puszko

production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in cooperation with avindependents

producer: Marvin Rößler, Tobias Ebner