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documentary | 60 min | D 2011


Vivian designs lingerie for prostitutes. Together with her partner Michel she sells her creations to the girls working in Holland’s red-light districts, who wear these “bikinis” to attract their clients. Vivian’s long-term relationship with the prostitutes allows the filmmaker Catalina Flórez unusually intimate insights into the mind-set and the life of the girls behind the shop windows. The film shows the human side to what is otherwise considered a morally desolate existence for these women. It describes the search for quick money, freedom, fun and love, and a life between shop windows and relationships, between morals and compulsion, between beauty and age.

nominations & awards

nominated for "Deutscher Kamerapreis", category: documentary film (Homepage)

41. Internationales Studentenfilmfestival sehsüchte 2012 - best documentary plus 30 minutes, best editing (Homepage)

nominated for FIRST STEPS Award 2011, category: documentary film (Homepage)


script and directing: Catalina Flórez

editorial department SWR: Gudrun Hanke-El Ghomri

executive producer: Norbert W. Daldrop, Hans-Hinrich Koch

producer: Anna Tasja Flügel

production mangement: Stephan Grobe

cinematography: Tanja Häring

editing: Kilian Schmid

sound: Catalina Flórez, Julia Mariano

music: Frank Müller, Andreas Fuchs



project details

script and directing: Catalina Flórez

production: avindependents

co-production: SWR, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

funding: funded by Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg (MFG)

premiere: 45. Internationale Hofer Filmtage 2011

TV-premiere: 14. November 2011, um 23:30 Uhr, SWR „Junger Dokumentarfilm“