documentary | 60 min | 2005


Argentina in 2003. The bankrupt country is facing a crucial test of society. And nowhere do the challenges of society become more drastically apparent than in front of the meter-high fences, which separate the residential areas of the upper class. Directly at the gates of Buenos Aires and right next to the slums of this metropolitan city that has millions of habitants.

project details

script and directing: Rouven Rech

production: avindependents

co-production: SWR Junger Dokumentarfilm, MFG-Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg





script and directing: Rouven Rech

cinematography: Guido Lublinski

sound: André Zacher

editing: Daniel Meiller

music: Christopher Dierks

sound mixing: André Zacher

title design: Daniel Basle