Rey Negro

documentary | 79 min | D 2003


„Rey Negro – the black king“, in cooperation with Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg. This documentary is marked by an impressive portrait of the German-Chilean musician Sergio Vasely. We embark on a musical journey to Chile, an adventuresome search for Melinka, a little girl to whom Vesely dedicated his first song 30 years ago, while he was in torture-detention from the Pinochet Regime.

project details

script: Winfried Oelsner, Lisa-Marie Dickreiter

directiong: Winfried Oelsner

production: avindependents in Kooperation mit der Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg





script: Winfried Oelsner, Lisa-Marie Dickreiter

directing: Winfried Oelsner

cinematography: Pascal Schmit

editing: Daniel Franz Meiller

sound: André Zacher

directing assistant: Lisa-Marie Dickreiter

music: Sergio Vesely

2nd camera: Winfried Oelsner

sound mixing: André Zacher

title design: Sandra Jakisch

digitalization: Stefan Reiling

transcription: Elisabeth Casper

translation: Mathilde Guzmán, Olga Ungerer, Lisa-Marie Dickreiter, Pascal Schmit

festivals & awards

Internationales Dokumentarfilmfestival München 2003

Highlights Ludwigsburg 2003 (audience award)

Filmfestspiele Biberach 2003

Filmfest Biberach

Internationales Filmfest Amsterdam