ultrAslan (WT)

documentary | in production with WDR | est. release 2016


Ibrahim, Ogulcan and Ilker are commited members of ultrAslan, a fan group for the sports club Galatasaray Istanbul, one of the largest and best-organized fan communities in the world. Besides football they also support disciplines like water polo or handicapped basketball. Their worldwide fan base consists of nearly 2 million members, spread out in 82 Turkish cities and 60 countries, mainly in Europe. The documentary will follow all three of them and explore the codes and rules by which they live and the reasons for their unconditional commitment. The journey will take us into a secret organization with no official statutes or recognizable structures. An invisible network characterized by its strict hierarchy, where the search for identity as an immigrant plays a much bigger role than expected.

project details

script and director: Ümit Uludağ

production: HUPE FILM in coproduction with avindependents

distributor: Kinostar

funding: Film- und Medienstiftung NRW,  FFA and DFFF

comissioning editor: Jutta Krug, WDR



director: Ümit Uludag

producer: Norbert W. Daldrop, Erik Winker, Martin Roelly

editing: Carina Mergens

cinematography: Henning Drechsler, Lawrence Richards

sound: Filipp Forberg